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Outstanding Accomplishment Awards


What are the criteria for selection of the final winners of the Outstanding
Accomplishment Awards? For example, say four groups get into the nomination
level, who and what determine the winner? Why would we give an award to a
person who is no longer an employee of UCAR? It seems at the very least one
of the criteria should be that the employee be here on the date the award
is presented.

Answered on December 09, 2003


Criteria for the Outstanding Accomplishment Awards can be found in the
Employee Recognition Award Procedures, related to
Policy #2-5-2. A jury of 21 UCAR staffers reviews the nominations. These
jury members are chosen because of their knowledge, experience, and
expertise, and as a whole they represent a broad institutional perspective.
Jury members serve a term of three years and one-third are replaced each
year. The jury compares the nominations against the criteria listed in the
procedures and if appropriate, selects a winner. If none of the nominations
meet the criteria, then no award is given in that award category.

Under "Criteria" and "Eligibility" respectively, the award procedures
state: "Outstanding Accomplishment Awards recognize work completed during
the past five-year period.... UCAR visitors and former staff are also
eligible as long as the work being recognized was done at UCAR."

-Susan Montgomery-Hodge, Executive Assistant to the President,
UCAR President's Office