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Opportunities to Attend All-Staff Events


It seems there are a couple of groups of people who are second-class citizens here at UCAR/NCAR. Don't get me wrong: I'm not labeling them, only pointing out a problem.

The problem is as follows: There are days that it is generally known that the entire organization will be given a half-day off. Well, it seems a shame that there isn't a way that this really could happen. I understand that there are a few groups of people who are considered essential, but shouldn't they get time off like everyone else?

What I propose is this: Is there a way that the shuttle drivers and food service workers (and maybe there are other groups of people), who have to stay around on those days, could get another day off in kind? I'm not saying all together, only that they should be offered another day off to compensate for the time they were not given. Also, I would like to propose that the Holiday Party be on a day other than a workday. Again, there are groups of people who would like to come but, because of their jobs, are unable to attend. It seems mighty unfair that the same groups of people are always being overlooked and underappreciated. Thank you for looking into this oversight.


Answered on January 13, 2010


The questioner raises issues that Safety and Site Services is well aware of and has attempted to address in years past. Transportation and Site Services (front desk) employees are offered the opportunity to attend corporate-wide events. If they choose to attend events, then substitute casual employees are brought in to cover their shifts. There may be occasions when a substitute is not available and the employee must work his/her scheduled shift, but this is rare. We try to do the same for Event Services employees. However, because of specific job requirements, it is difficult to staff many Event Service positions with substitute casual employees. Subsequently, we annually host a special offsite event for Event Services employees. Some employees make the personal choice not to attend corporate-wide functions or the annual special offsite event (depending on department), but the offer is always extended.

The times and dates of various Employee Activities Committee (EAC) events are chosen by that committee. Your concerns will be forwarded to that committee for consideration, along with a multitude of other issues, during its deliberations of times and dates.

Thank you for your question and, more importantly, for recognizing the hard work and dedication of these employees. We will continue to evaluate our special recognition activities to make sure they are appropriate for these valuable employees.

Stephen Sadler
Director, Safety and Site Services

[Delphi Coordinator Note: This question and response have been forwarded to the chair of the EAC by HR director Bob Roesch as input to the EAC planning process.]