Online pay stub


The new online pay stub system is not printer friendly. For many of us
using Wintel machines, the pay stubs will not print on a single page in
either portrait or landscape mode. (Yes, even today we sometimes need
hardcopy pay stubs, for example when providing income verification
information to mortgage companies, etc.)

The IT Help Desk, when contacted, told me in some detail about the many
systems they had tested the new application on, but was otherwise unable to
offer a solution. Would it be possible to make pay stubs available in a
format that will actually print on a single page, perhaps as PDF files, for
those who occasionally need a readable hardcopy?

Answered on September 03, 2003


Thank you for your question. We realize that this is an important issue for
many users of the time card system.

For most users, the instructions for printing the pay sub that are posted
on the time card help page (
work without any problems. For others, the stub does not print or display
correctly because of issues related to varied browser support for Cascading
Style Sheets (CSS). Most newer browser versions support CSS, but older
browsers may not support all of the features or may include bugs in their
support for CSS.

We have had numerous requests for a more "printer-friendly" pay stub
presentation. To address the many different browsers/versions that are
currently supported in our organization, we agree that we should implement
an Adobe PDF version of the pay stub. We plan to have the PDF version
available inthe Time Card application by the endof November.

-Shawn Winkelman, Director, Information Technology