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Official NCAR Shipping Address


With ACD having moved to FL0, most of NCAR’s laboratories and divisions
that receive sizable shipments via FedEx, UPS, or otherwise are located at
the Center Green or Foothills campuses. Why is it that NCAR retains its
official shipping address (not mailing address) at the Mesa Lab? Typically,
most of the shipments are delivered by semi-trucks up the hill to the Mesa
Lab, sorted, and then packed up on another semi-truck to be hauled to
Foothills and Center Green. In addition, UPS shipments sometimes get
delayed by several days because there is an apparent agreement that all UPS
shipments (except overnight shipments) must go to the Mesa Lab, even if one
tries to have them shipped to Foothills.

Aside from the environmental impact this policy is causing, it often causes
precious time delays for urgently needed parts or tools for many research

Wouldn’t it make sense to drop the Mesa Lab as the official shipping
address and cancel the “special” UPS agreement that all UPS shipments must
go to the Mesa?

Answered on September 20, 2007


Thanks for the question. While true that a single division moved to the
Foothills campus, there remains a significant presence of all the other
UCAR divisions, programs, and employees at various sites. As long as UCAR
maintains multiple sites, daily “redistribution” trips are required. Moving
“central receiving” to another site will not reduce the number of daily trips.

UPS delivers daily to the Mesa Laboratory at 10:30 a.m. (business days
only). Packages are normally logged in, processed, and delivered before the
close of the same business day. However, some packages arrive without any
identification. This delays delivery while Logistics Operations researches
where to deliver the package. Unfortunately, moving central receiving or
changing the address will not alleviate identification issues, which
constitute the majority of delayed deliveries.

While the Mesa Laboratory may not be perfect for central receiving, it
remains the most viable alternative among existing sites. Storage,
handling, and processing space is severely limited at other sites. There
are insufficient docks and lifts at other locations. Moving central
receiving to another existing location would jeopardize the health and
well-being of Logistics Operations employees by increasing the amount of
manual lifting required. It is not economically feasible to have
independent delivery to each UCAR site as that would require additional
staffing, space, and equipment. In summary, for all its apparent drawbacks,
the Mesa Lab will remain our central receiving facility for the foreseeable

Logistics Operations strives to make all deliveries in a timely manner. If
you have time-sensitive deliveries, feel free to contact Logistics
Operations at ext. 1151 ahead of time and they can be on the lookout for
your package. If you experience any problems, please contact Kerry Slaven
at ext. 1151.

—Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services