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Moving Office Furniture


Does the organization have a policy regarding an employee's
responsibilities during an office relocation? During a recent move, I was
asked to move many large pieces of office furniture. It occurred to me in
retrospect that if I were injured during these activities, UCAR may have
some liability.

Answered on April 18, 2005


This is a great question. If moving large items is not in your job
description, don't do it!

Logistics Operations is responsible for conducting and coordinating office
moves. It has the tools and manpower to safely move large and heavy items.
Logistics Operations staff will ask for two working days of advance notice
to make staff available for small moves. Larger moves require more
planning, and may involve the use of subcontracted professional staff.

UCAR staff are responsible for removing personal items from their offices
before a move. Also, we ask that they pack files, journals, etc. into boxes
provided by Logistics Operations. Boxes should be packed lightly to lower
the risk of injury to Logistics Operations staff. Kerry Slaven is
responsible for coordinating office moves. He can be reached at ext. 1151

UCAR is responsible for providing medical care to employees who are injured
at work. Work-related injuries must be reported to your supervisor and to
the Health, Environment, and Safety Office (ext. 8556). We pay for medical
care via our Workers Compensation insurance. Our goal is to work safely and
prevent injuries from occurring so that we don't need to use the insurance,
but it is there when needed.

-Milenda Powers, Manager, Health, Environment and Safety Services

-Kerry Slaven, Manager, Logistics Operations