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Indoor Bike Storage


After NOAA's David Skaggs Research Center was completed and occupied, our staff with joint appointments or recent transfers noted the indoor bike storage room there. They asked about arranging the same kind of facility at the two NCAR campuses. They were assured it was a good idea, and the space committee would try to find a way to make it happen.

After the ML and FL construction destroyed the old outdoor bicycle lockers (which had been increasingly unusable due to lack of maintenance, and never were all that safe to start with) the matter was raised again. Once more, it was a good idea, and the space committees would try to find a way to make it happen.

Even 10 years after being originally proposed, and four years after being refreshed, the idea remains a good one. Indoor bicycle storage with card access locks is safer for employees. It prevents theft and greatly reduces the incidence of equipment failure (particularly exacerbated by inclement weather on unprotected bicycles) that can cause accidents. Moreover, it supports and encourages more bicycle commuting by the staff, which is a social good for the community and is especially important for public relations at a climate research organization.

The delays since the most recent refresh have been due to budget shortfalls and other funding uncertainties due to operating under continuing resolutions. There were higher priority projects that were taking all the planning efforts, let alone the funds. Now that we are climbing out of that hole, however, it's worth another refresh.

Accordingly, can the relevant managers provide a public status update on their progress toward setting up indoor bicycle lockups at ML, FL, and CG? When might we expect this to happen?

Follow-on question:

Can you address indoor bicycle parking plans and status at the ML as well?

Answered on August 28, 2009


We agree that indoor bicycle storage is a good idea. It is true that budget constraints have prevented us from exploring this idea in the past. Now, with increases to our budget, we are seeing increases in staff as well as the need for more laboratory and computer space. Space that is available now is planned as office space for new and incoming staff. Our projections, based on data provided by the labs and programs, show that space will be at a premium at all locations by the end of 2010, and priority must be given to programmatic needs.

While we are still unable to provide indoor bicycle parking at ML, FL, or CG, we are working to provide additional covered parking in outdoor locations. For example, two additional bike racks will be placed in sheltered locations this autumn, one located in the FL2 bicycle parking area and another in the CG1 garage.

Thank you for your question and for your support of bicycle commuting.

Kimberly Kosmenko
Program Manager, Sustainable UCAR

We currently have plans for all available space at ML. We are starting to plan for the buildout of the 2B level of the lab. We will consider bicycle storage as we complete a space needs assessment for this area. As always, our first priority is to provide office space, computing, lab, and conference space to meet the needs of the facility.

Marion Hammond
Manager, Space Planning/Projects Office