Ground Maintenance


I have worked at the Foothills location for almost two years and can
honestly say there has never been a day when I thought the grounds around
the Foothills facility were well kept or their appearance attractive-at
least not on the west side. I find this unfortunate for an organization as
well respected as UCAR.

I enter FL2 each day from the west side. There is a sidewalk that fronts
one of the parking areas. Both years I have been here, I don't believe the
initial sand/gravel mixture poured on the sidewalk as a result of each
year's first storm was swept off even once during the entire snowy season
even though there were several weeks (even months) between storms. I
twisted my ankle walking on the stuff one clear morning this past winter,
so decided after that not to take the sidewalk even though it would
probably be safer if I did so. Instead I walk on the asphalt, which I would
rather not have to do since I can't always hear cars coming up behind me.

The branches on the tree at the end of the same walkway closest to the west
entrance of FL2 hang down so low you can't walk under them without first
pushing them out of your way. The grass seems perpetually weedy and uncared
for except for an occasional mowing, and the rock areas have all kinds of
debris in them on a daily basis. I find myself kicking decorative rocks and
pine cones out of my way on a regular basis so I won't step on them and
risk tripping or another twisted ankle.

I realize we faced major water issues last summer, so can accept that
perhaps the grass can't be as green as might be nice, but drought
conditions don't have anything to do with whether or not sidewalks can be
swept, rock areas cleaned out, trees trimmed, and debris swept from the
parking lot on occasion.

Is there anything that can be done to improve the appearance of the grounds
around the Foothills facility?

Answered on October 27, 2003


Thank you for your observations. The maintenance staff is presently
conducting our fall cleanup where these issues and more will be addressed
at the FL campus.

It is the goal to sweep up sand from sidewalks and parking lots when
extended periods of clear weather are anticipated. We apologize if the west
side of FL has been missed in the past and will continue to work hard to
meet the corporation's expectations of campus appearance. If you have any
future concerns regarding facility maintenance or safety issues, please
contact us directly. You can reach maintenance at extension 1120 or; and health, environment, and safety coordinator Milenda
Powers at extension 8625 or

-Milenda Powers, Physical Plant Services