Government Identification Cards (Follow-Up to #603)


In response to Delphi Question #603, Bob Roesch wrote:

"In terms of legal issues surrounding disclosure, by law the federal government is required to disclose all federal employees' pay. Many states and local governments are also required to disclose employee pay. UCAR is a private corporation, and not covered by these laws."

I have a "U.S. government identification" card issued by UCAR. On it, "NSF (UCAR)" is listed as the "Issuing department or agency." The issuing officer is a UCAR HR administrative assistant. According to the card, it is the "Property of the U.S. government," and if it is lost and found it should be dropped into "any U.S. mailbox," where federally guaranteed postage will send it to the Federal Supply Service in Washington, D.C. Counterfeiting is "a violation of Sections 499 and 701, Title 18, U.S. Code."

Can a private corporation issue these cards without this constituting such a violation?

Answered on March 04, 2009


UCAR is authorized by the NSF to issue these cards under the NSF authority as a federal agency.

Kathryn S. Schmoll
Vice President Finance and Administration