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Fountain Plaza


My question is about the fountain at the Mesa Lab. I have heard that the
fountain uses hundreds of gallons a day. As of yesterday the water was gray
from the ashes in the air, and they will be cleaning it out soon. I believe
that since we are in the middle of the worst drought in 100 years, we
should set a good example of water conservation and turn it off for the
time being. We need to lead by example, wouldn‚t you think? That‚s why I
was hoping to get something resolved before they fill it up again and waste
more precious water.

Answered on July 01, 2002


We're going to shut down the fountain due to mandatory water restrictions
in Boulder. Although the water in the fountain is recycled, in the recent
hot weather the fountain lost, on average, 117 gallons per day to
evaporation. We will turn the fountain back on when the water restrictions
are lifted. Thank you for your concern.

-Tina Bogott, Project Manager, Mesa Lab Refurbishment Project