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Flag Etiquette


Why was the flag at the Mesa Lab flying at half-staff on April 5 th ? If it
was in response to the Roman Catholic Pope's death, wouldn't this be
considered violation of the separation of church and state and/or of UCAR
policies? I don't recall it being acceptable for any person to impose
his/her religious beliefs on others, and I believe this is specifically
prohibited by UCAR policy. Flying the flag at half-staff after the Pope's
death is an implicit endorsement of Roman Catholicism that I find offensive.

Answered on April 06, 2005


On Saturday, April 2, 2005, President George W. Bush ordered that the flag
of the United States be flown at half staff until sunset on the day of the
Pope's interment. It is UCAR's policy to follow federal guidelines.

To view the proclamation, see: