Facility Rentals


I have a question about use of UCAR buildings by employees. I would like
to know why employees have to pay to rent the Tree Plaza or other rooms
available even if the cafeteria services are not used. UCAR has been trying
to keep costs of employee benefits down by reducing or changing the
benefits. Use of facilities by employees could be an addition to our
benefits and seen as a positive benefit for all UCAR employees. A damage
deposit or clean-up deposit to ensure that the facilities are taken care of
could be implemented. The benefit of allowing employees to use the
facilities would encourage employees to use the other services such as the
cafeteria catering and rental of chairs, tables, etc.

Thank you for considering my idea.

Answered on October 07, 2003


Good question. As a starting point, let us explain how UCAR facilities are
funded. UCAR's facilities are primarily funded through agreements with the
U.S. government, and these agreements include operational facility costs.
Since the U.S. government funds our various facilities, UCAR is required to
recover the costs of the facilities from all users, including employees and
outside groups.

Quite simply, UCAR is not allowed to let some use the facilities for free
while federally sponsored programs have to pay. Many costs might not be
readily apparent to employees but occur with virtually any onsite activity.
Extra events incur security, custodial, and maintenance costs. Most events
also use electricity, water, heating, cooling, restrooms, tables, chairs,
and other "incidentals." There are also administrative and management costs
associated with reserving, planning, and managing any event. Legal
documents have to be signed and liability release forms obtained. All of
these activities incur costs that must be recovered. Consequently, we have
to charge everyone, including our employees, to use the space. So, while we
have to charge employees our costs, remember that we all have access to the
incredible facilities we get to work in every day!

-Melissa Miller, Director, Budget and Finance
-Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services