Energy Conservation


Delphi Question #564 was about going solar to reduce our energy prices. I
want to know why we don’t have a more aggressive conservation program.
There is so much we could be doing to save electricity and reduce the
carbon emissions released into the atmosphere.

Why are we not promoting turning off lights, monitors, and computers? There
are lights left on for hours in vacant conference rooms and offices and in
sporadically used supply closets. Some computer monitors are left on over
nights and weekends. Why are the ML displays (and the spotlights shining on
them) being left on for hours after the tourists are gone? Why are those
photo screens by the ML Main Seminar Room also being left on for hours
after the building is closed to the public? Why are the meeting
announcement monitors at CG and FL being left on 24/7? Why are there some
places at FL0 that do no have light switches so that lights could be turned
out when no one is in the room or when the sun is shining brightly? Is
there a committee that works on making our organization greener?

Answered on March 06, 2007


Thanks to the questioner for bringing up these areas of environmental
stewardship. They will be addressed where feasible (for example, re-wiring
FL0 may not be possible). The questioner obviously has a keen eye for
“green issues” and is encouraged to communicate directly with John Pereira
(ext. 1128) or Steve Sadler (ext. 8550). Early notification to John or
Steve allows them to address these issues sooner rather than later.

UCAR tries to promote and act in a responsibly green manner, and we will be
doing more. The Safety and Site Services director has created and funded a
pilot position for a part-time environmental stewardship coordinator. The
position, which is expected to be filled in April, will allow an expert to
concentrate on environmental stewardship programs. We hope you and others
will work closely with this person.

UCAR has an existing volunteer environmental stewardship committee. The
committee has undertaken and completed many important activities. The new
coordinator will use this committee, which is an integral part of our
environmental stewardship effort. Also, the Health, Environment and Safety
committee has become more active in environmental stewardship issues and
has recently engaged Eco-Cycle in its meetings.

We can always do better, and we will. I thank the questioner for pointing
out some areas for improvement. Big things are getting ready to happen in
the arena of environmental stewardship with the arrival of a new
coordinator. Staff should stay tuned for what promises to be an exciting
and progressive year in environmental stewardship. Thank you very much for
your question.

—Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services