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EAC Discounts


In previous years, the Employee Activities Committee (EAC) helped sponsor
discounts for employees with local businesses and vendors. I recently
joined a local workout center and was disappointed to learn that UCAR/NCAR
isn’t on its list of employers whose employees receive discounts on monthly
rates. Can you tell me why EAC no longer works with local companies to
provide this type of discount?

Answered on August 27, 2007


EAC welcomes new discounts, especially those that promote the well-being of
UCAR employees. Since pursuing new discounts takes so much time, EAC
members can only actively pursue a limited set. However, if any employee
wishes to pursue a new discount, we encourage the interested employee to
contact the vendor for information and details about that discount. We also
ask the employee to write a description of the discount and how employees
can obtain it, and then submit all the above to

EAC will not keep track of discount participants. (Such as: “Get 25 friends
and qualify for a discount.”) Nor will EAC handle any funds. Any discount
must be completely between the employee and the vendor. Discounts must also
fit guidelines of promoting the well-being of UCAR employees. Examples of
this would be anything that promotes fitness, communication, recreation,
health, and many other activities.
Once the employee has done the footwork, EAC will gladly add the discount
to our Web site.

—Barbara Holub, EAC Discount Coordinator