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Driving Through a Stop Sign


Is there anything that can be done about the disregard for the 3-way stop
at the entrance to the FL campus? As a witness to, and near victim of, some
UCAR staffers blowing through the stop sign in their cars, I know there is
an accident waiting to happen. The parking shortage also contributes to the
safety aspect as the Wild Oats folks park so near the intersection. What
can be done about the safety of this intersection that is used by
bicyclists and pedestrians alike?

Answered on October 31, 2005


Thank you very much for letting us know about this situation. In the future
please report these drivers to me as soon as possible (you can call me at
ext. 8625 or e-mail me). The Health, Environment, and Safety Services
(HESS) office takes prompt action when receiving these notifications.
Responses include a conversation with the "offender" when that person can
be identified and "ticketing" the described vehicle with a notice that
inappropriate driving behavior was observed and asking that the behavior be

The Boulder Police Department manages street parking issues. Parking
violations can be reported directly to its communications line at
303-441-3333. If preferred, HESS will also pass along complaints about
illegal parking from staffers to the police.

Additionally, HESS and the Physical Plant Services maintenance office have
reviewed the intersection and found that it needs to be re-striped. PPS
expects to have the intersection re-striped within the next couple of weeks.

-Milenda Powers, Manager, Health, Environment, and Safety Services