In the past, UCAR has considered and rejected the idea of a corporate
sponsored daycare center. Reasons given for this rejection ranged from
liability to space concerns. Now that UCAR is looking into building a new
space on the FL campus, I was wondering if the issue of a daycare center
could be revisited. We have a unique opportunity to build a space
specifically designed for childcare, should UCAR decide to pursue this.

Answered on March 29, 2001


The question about daycare facilities has been asked many times over the
years (Delphi questions in 1981, 1987, 1988, 2000) as well as reviewed by
the President's Council in more recent years. Significant costs, legal
liabilities, and lack of available space have kept UCAR from pursuing the
development of a daycare facility.

However, the results of the recent American Physical Society (APS) site
visit indicate continued interest in an on-site daycare center. Human
Resources has contracted a local consultant who has more than a dozen years
of experience conducting work/life balance needs assessments and daycare
center feasibility studies for companies in Boulder and surrounding
communities. HR is currently working with the consultant to develop a
Web-based Work/Life Balance Needs Assessment, which employees will be asked
to complete in May. The assessment survey covers a wide range of work/life
balance issues, including adult and elder care, general family and
childcare, as well as daycare. All employees will be encouraged to complete
the survey, whether or not they have children and/or childcare issues.

Based on the results of the survey, UCAR management will be better able to
assess the work/life needs of the organization, and will consider again
options related to a daycare center.

- Laurie Carr, Benefits/Compensation Manager, Human Resources