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Confidentiality In Hiring Process


Are there policies and procedures in place regarding confidentiality in the
hiring process? It seems that there is information leakage ranging from who
is in the applicant pool to who has made the interview process, especially
involving in-house applicants. These leaks are troubling, considering the
“Does your supervisor know that you are applying for this position?” question.

Are hiring committees screened to see if members have taken HR’s Hiring
Information, Resources and Enlightenment (HIRE) training session? Are the
members quizzed on their relationships with the applicants? Shouldn’t
committee members recuse themselves from portions of the hiring process if
they have relationships with applicants?

Answered on September 20, 2007


Human Resources makes every effort to maintain the integrity of UCAR's hiring processes, including the confidentiality of those applying. This topic is discussed and emphasized during Hiring Information, Resources and Enlightenment (HIRE) training. HIRE training is mandatory for hiring supervisors who are then responsible for the actions of all committee members.

When there are internal applicants it is often unavoidable that there is a professional relationship with some or all of the panel members. On occasion interview panel members or the Chair ask for guidance when they are acquainted with an applicant. Human Resources advises individuals to recuse themselves from a process where there may be a real or strongly perceived conflict of interest, and to use their best judgment in this regard.  

Your question is a good reminder to staff that confidentiality during any UCAR hiring process is essential. If an employee has serious concerns about a particular hiring process, he or she is encouraged to speak with Human Resources about those concerns.

--Nancy Wade, Employment Administrator