Conference Room


A number of people are puzzled and upset with the recent decision to make
the Mesa Lab's Director's Conference Room into a storage area for the
Science Store. The ML is already short of conference room space
particularly during the summer. We believe this decision is shortsighted
and makes an existing problem worse.

(1) Who made the decision?

(2) What was the rationale?

(3) Why was the Director's Conference Room deemed expendable?

(4) Is any space near the North ML tower being offered as a replacement?

Answered on February 23, 2001


The President's Council considered the many concerns it received about the
Director's Conference Room (DCR) no longer being available. As a result of
these concerns, and of CGD's generous offer of space to help solve the
serious space needs of the exhibits program and the NCAR Science Store, the
DCR will be returned to general use in the room- reservation system.

The President's Council based its original decision on the very limited use
of the DCR as reflected in the room-reservation system. Judging by the
concerns expressed when the decision was announced, it's clear that there
is usage above and beyond what we officially record. I ask that people
remember to reserve rooms they need so that we are dealing with the best
information possible! This information is used to determine priorities for
multimedia needs, wiring, etc.

–Katy Schmoll, UCAR Vice-President of Finance and Administration