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CG Fitness Center (Update)


I understood there was to be a fitness center at Center Green. I heard this
in 2005, and then in 2006 I understood that we were awaiting
recommendations from the Computer Facilities Planning Committee before
proceeding. Can you tell me if we will be getting a fitness center at
Center Green and, if so, what the current timeline is?

Answered on August 06, 2007


There are still plans for a fitness center at Center Green. As plans for
the new supercomputing center developed, the possibility of utilizing the
Mesa Lab computing room facility and its existing infrastructure needed to
be evaluated and compared with the costs of providing a new divisional
computing center at Center Green. The full utilization of NSF-owned
facilities is particularly important. In addition, the evaluation will also
include recommendations for cost allocation and management methods. These
recommendations will be presented to the President’s Council this winter.
Following the review of these recommendations, the design of a new fitness
center could begin as soon as spring 2008.

—Marion Hammond, UCAR Facilities Manager for Space Planning