Center Green Fire Alarms


We were surprised to learn today during a fire drill that the top floor of
Center Green 2 has no fire or smoke alarms. None! Our warning consisted of
someone coming into our section to tell us that there was a fire drill.

I'm shocked that a building that was refurbished during the last five years
doesn't have a fire/smoke alarm system in half of the building. I think
that others in the organization might be shocked as well. I would like to
know how this situation passes current building codes and, even more
importantly, how the organization can find this acceptable.

Answered on October 05, 2005


The building code requires systems to be upgraded at the time of
renovation, and only the second floor of CG2 has been renovated since we
acquired the property. The fire marshall inspected the entire building and
approved it as part of the occupancy inspection. However, we are currently
upgrading the fire alarm system on the third floor. Physical Plant Services
expects to complete this by November 30. There are already sprinkler
systems throughout the building.

-Marion Hammond, Facilities Manager for Space Planning,
Physical Plant Services