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Cafeteria Hygiene


In the Foothills Lab cafeteria, the service is always good and the
employees friendly. However, in the mornings, there is generally only one
person working on the line. This is understandable, in order to keep labor
costs down.

Nowadays people are educated about food safety, and food workers frequently
wear gloves. However, lately I have noticed that the morning cook/server
will be wearing a glove on only one hand. After making the food, she goes
to the register to ring the sale, without removing the glove. Then she goes
back to preparing the food, without washing her hands or changing the glove.

Cash is very dirty. I am sure that ID cards are also dirty--at the very
least, they were in the hands of the person paying for the food. If the
same person is going to be handling food and cash, surely she should be
washing her hands and changing her gloves every time. And both hands should
have gloves, not just one. I realize that this would create extra work, but
isn't cleanliness in the kitchen worth it?

Thank you for your assistance in answering this question.

Answered on April 14, 2000


Sanitation and food safety are our top priorities in operating this food
service. Our servers need to conscientiously make sure that hands that
touch money do not touch food and that gloves and serving utensils like
tongs are used as needed. We have reminded all servers of this important
requirement. Thank you.

--Velma Ryan, Food Services and Special Functions Manager