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The Staff Notes Daily email and web service is the designated method of reaching the entire staff of NCAR and UCAR. Every staff member with an "" email address receives the Staff Notes Daily morning email every business day. Items appearing in the eail are also posted and archived here on the web.

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Guidelines for Announcements

  • Announcements must be work related.
  • They cannot promote commercial products, charities, or political causes, or offer personal items for sale. See UCAR Solicitation and Distribution of Materials Policy 3-4.
  • They cannot be of a personal nature, such as notices of volunteer or charitable events, garage sales, etc.
    • Staff Notes Daily offers a Classifieds section as a service to staff wishing to post personal notices as well as discounts offered through the Employee Activities Committee, HR, or the Wellness Advisory Committee.
    • Classifieds Guidelines & Help provide more information.
    • Make sure that your message is truly of potential interest to all staff. If your message is not relevant to all staff, please send your message to the appropriate subgroup via email.
    • Keep Announcements short. In consideration of your colleagues, if your message is more than 250–300 words long, post a short description and a pointer to where more information can be obtained.

    Announcements may be posted at any time, via the web, up to one business day in advance of the intended email date.

    About the Calendar of Events

    The Staff Notes Daily Calendar provides:

    • Immediate posting, on approval, of your upcoming event on this website

    • Automatic day-of-event reminder in the Staff Notes Daily morning email

    • Automatic spotlighting of seminars and meetings (based on your selection of this category) on,, and other events pages across the organization's web presence.

    To preview your event in the morning email, post a brief "save the date" notice as an Announcement timed to appear from one to two weeks before the start of the event and/or a day preceding the event. Remember that your Calendar event will automatically appear in the daily morning email at 7:00 am on the morning of your event.

    Help:  How to Submit, Edit, or Delete a Post

    As of June 2016, Announcements and Calendar events are posted using a single, unified submission form. A separate form is required for Classified submissions.


    To have your post appear in the the next Staff Notes Daily morning email:

    Submissions are due before 4:00 p.m. on a business day, with a start date that is the following business day or later.

    When you submit an Announcement, Calendar Event, or Classified ad after the 4:00pm. deadline, your post will be reviewed at the end of the following business day. If you want it to appear in the Daily Announcements morning email, you must select a start date that is at least two business days in the future. Keep this in mind especially when posting on weekends or holidays.

    Corrections after the deadline has passed:

    If you've discovered a significant error in a message scheduled to go out tomorrow and it's after 4:00pm., you can still edit ("Start a New Draft") or delete the submission. However, if you start a new draft you must advance the start date to the next business day after tomorrow, to allow time for it to be reviewed/approved .


    Use Title Case Style, Like This, NOT ALL CAPS, for your title. Do not use the exact same title more than once.

    Use key words in your title that convey what's interesting or important: For example, compare: "New Opportunity" vs. "Campus Visit Opportunity for Scientists and Engineers."


    This is a required step. Choose one or both. See below for how Announcement timing differs from the timing of an event.


    • Do not paste highly formatted text into the web form because it may not display as you intended. Instead, use the buttons provided on the form to create bold text, bulleted lists, hypertext links, etc.
    • To create single-spaced lines of text, type: SHIFT+ENTER (Mac: SHIFT+RETURN). Avoid using line breaks (hard returns created with the ENTER or RETURN key), except to create double spacing between paragraphs.
    • After saving, check the formatting within the body of your post; select "New Draft" to remove extra white space or inappropriate formatting.

    Include in the Description

    • Contact information

      Contact information is no longer a separate required field. Instead, please include this information as a best practice within the main Description area. You may want to follow this formula:

      For more information, contact John Doe, ext. 8607,

    • Presenter information for Calendar events

    Presenter information is no longer a separate required field. Instead, please include the presenter's name, home institution, and all other details within the Description.

    • Related web page(s)

    Any website address (URL) that you include in the Description will automatically become a live link in the morning email and on the Staff Notes website, so this, too, is no longer a separate field on the form.

    Related web pages for Classifieds must not reside on UCAR servers or the NCAR|UCAR Google Drive. See the Guidelines for Classifieds.

    Announcement timing

    Start date: the date you would like your Announcement or Classified to appear (once only) in the Staff Notes Daily email to all staff.  Please be sure that you have selected the next business day or thereafter. Your message will also begin appearing on the Staff Notes Daily website on the start date.

    End date: the date your Announcement will cease appearing on the website as a Previous Announcement and will be moved to the site's archives.

    Since Classifieds are not archived, your ad will no longer appear on the web after the end date you specify.

    To re-issue the same Announcement on a future date, you can edit the start date, but note that the Announcement will stop appearing on the website until the new start date. If you prefer, you can copy and paste the relevant information into a new Announcement with the start date you want.

    To issue an automatic reminder of an event on the day it takes place, post it to the Calendar.

    Workbench Group

    Always select: Staff Notes Daily

    Editing = Create a New Draft

    Log into the site (link is at the very bottom of and, for example, or click here: Log In).

    This takes you to your personal Drupal home page. You'll see links to all your Staff Notes Daily posts on your home page. At the far right you have the option to edit or delete the post.

    Be sure you want to delete the post, because it cannot be restored once it has been deleted.

    Remember that if you edit/start a new draft, your updated post will need to be approved by the moderator, and will not appear until the next business day after being approved.