ACD Presented Seminar - Sascha Albrecht

Development of a Lab-prototype CI-TOF Instrument for the Airborne Detection of Ultra-trace Gases in the UTLS Abstract: We have developed a new transfer stage for an airborne CI-TOF instrument aiming for high sensitivity and a soft ion transfer, which are in contrast to each other. A combination of two ion funnels working at 100 and 5 hPa and two quadrupoles has been modeled, built and tested. In addition, we are developing a DBD ion source as a replacement for the standard radioactive source. First results on the transmission efficiency and ion chemistry in the transfer stage will be discussed in comparison with results of fluid-dynamical and electro-dynamical simulations.


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FL2- 1001 Small Auditorium

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014 - 3:15pm