Definite, possible, and unlikely mechanisms for Arctic climate change

Despite a long and rich history of observational analysis and numerical 
model experiments, the relative importance of processes controlling 
Arctic climate change is still subject to debate.  In this talk, I will 
use both observations and model experiments to identify processes and 
feedbacks affecting Arctic climate change.  First, I will present what I 
have learned by analyzing observed Arctic sea ice loss.  Next, I will 
use coupled climate model experiments to identify the influence of 
atmospheric and oceanic processes on the Arctic climate response to 
idealized greenhouse gas forcing.   My findings underscore that cloud 
feedbacks can be more important than northward heat transport for 
explaining the equilibrium Arctic surface climate response and response 
differences in coupled climate models.   I will end the talk by 
presenting ongoing research to understand the processes controlling 
transient 21st century climate change projections.


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Main Seminar Room

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013 - 3:30pm