HAO Colloquium Series presents Jamie Lomax, University of Denver

The Multiwavelength View of Mass Loss and Transfer in Massive Binary Stars   Massive binary stars possess strong stellar winds and undergo periods of active mass transfer; the resulting mass loss affects their subsequent evolution. Eclipsing systems provide unique opportunities to illuminate the detailed properties of this process. I will present results from optical spectropolarimetric and X-ray studies aimed at constraining the location and characteristics of the circumstellar material within several eclipsing Roche-lobe overflow and colliding-wind binary systems. Using broadband and spectropolarimetric analysis, I derive new information about the geometric structures of material within these systems. Using X-ray spectral analysis, I probe the regions of shocked gas for new information about their winds and wind collision regions. The combination of these two methods will improve our understanding of the 3D nature of mass loss in massive binary stars and shed light on the relationship between mass loss and the late stages of binary stellar evolution.


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1210 South Auditorium

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 1:30pm