NESL Distinguished Lecture - Drew Shindell

The NCAR Earth System Laboratory (NESL) seeks to promote global perspectives and stimulate interaction among the community of scientists at NCAR and neighboring institutions by sponsoring the NESL Distinguished Lecturer Series. This lecture series is designed to bring eminent scientists, as well as leaders in science policy, journalism and other fields, to NESL to present cutting-edge and imaginative research and potentially establish enduring connections after their visit.

The third lecturer in this series is Drew Shindel from Columbia University. The seminar is Monday, 22 April at 3:30 pm in FL2-1022 (FL Main Seminar Room).Seminar Title: Mitigating Near-term Climate Change While Advancing Human DevelopmentSeminar Abstract: Simultaneous consideration of multiple environmental goals can lead to a different prioritization of policy options than evaluations based on a single goal. Similarly, analysis of the impact of practical emissions reduction strategies may yield different results than analysis of the response to historical emissions changes or idealized perturbations would suggest. I will discuss attempts to integrate across these issues by considering the multiple impacts of aggressive application of existing technologies and policies that can reduce the rate of near-term warming and disruption of traditional precipitation patterns while improving human health and agriculture yields. I will put the benefits and limitation of such actions into context with the broader picture of societal efforts to mitigate climate change and foster human development, and compare estimates of the economic valuation of benefits with implementation costs. Finally, I will discuss ongoing efforts to determine how to prioritize actions in individual regions, including new modeling, and how to account for new literature on the effects of carbonaceous aerosols and methane on climate.


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Monday, April 22, 2013 - 3:30pm