HAO Summer Colloquium Series Presents Ed Cliver

The 1859 Space Weather Event Revisited: Limits of ExtremeActivity The solar flare on 1 September 1859 and its associated (inferred) solar energetic proton event and geomagnetic storm remain the standards for an extreme solar-terrestrial event. The most recent estimates of the flare soft X-ray (SXR) peak intensity, > 30 MeV SEP fluence (F30), and Dst magnetic storm index for this event are: SXR class = ~X50 (vs. estimates of ~X30-X45 for the 4 November 2003 flare); F30 = 0.8-3.4 x 10_10 pr cm_-2 (vs. 0.5 x 10_10 for August 1972), and minimum Dst = ~ -900 nT (vs. estimates of -825 to -900 nT for the great storm of May 1921).


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1210 South Auditorium

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 1:30pm