Wills & Trusts: Protecting Your Wealth, Wishes & Beneficiaries (L/L) Seminar

Wills & Trust: Protecting Your Wealth, Wishes & Beneficiaries Seminar (L/L)April 2, 201312:00-1:30 pmFL2-1001Facilitated and refreshments provided by Elevations Credit Union

Estate planning may not seem important, but planning can help you distribute your assets according to your wishes and needs of your survivors while minimizing tax liabilities.  Topics include:  Wills/Living Wills: Why they are important, what they include, how they protect you and your beneficiaries. Probate--What it is and how to avoid it. Trusts--What is a trust and what it can do for you.  Fees--Examples of the types of fees and costs to anticipate.  Death Taxes--What they are and what they can amount to.  Power of Attorney--Never leave home without one. Medicaid--How it can pay for nursing home costs.  Presenter - Mitzi Nicoletti, PRI Inc., specializing in providing financial solutions in the areas of investment strategies, long term care, asset protection, debt elimination, wills and legal assistance.  Open to everyone interested in this topic. Employee spouses/partners are also welcome to attend.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 12:00pm