RAL Seminar Series: Snow Hydrology in the Colorado Rockies

"Emergent change in snow hydrology in the Colorado Rockies: The Senator Beck Basin Hydrologic Observatory & Research Venue"

Rapid changes are occurring throughout Colorado’s snow system, challenging water management throughout the state and region. The Senator Beck Basin Study Area, strategically located in the spectacular, alpine terrain at Red Mountain Pass, is producing transformative snow hydrology science and building long-term, integrative datasets. Strategically located in a Colorado River basin headwater snow ‘hot spot’, and very near the headwaters of the Rio Grande River, Senator Beck Basin is performing as both a sentry site for regional change and as a field science asset for researchers pursuing urgently required new understanding of how snow hydrology and mountain system processes are responding.

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Chris Landry

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 2:00pm