Hydrology for Quantitative Water Management

The Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group at Wageningen University, The Netherlands, aims to contribute to the improved understanding of catchment-scale hydrological processes through advanced measurement, modeling and assimilation techniques. Our research objectives are: (1) developing, testing and interpreting advanced observation methods for hydrological and hydraulic fluxes and states at a range of spatial and temporal scales; (2) developing catchment-scale hydrological models for water flow and sediment transport; (3) hydrological synthesis at the catchment scale, with special attention to hydroclimatological extremes (floods and droughts). Hydrologic research at the catchment scale as carried out by the group aims to provide a significant contribution to improved water resources management. In order to identify areas of mutual interest, this presentation will provide a broad overview of ongoing research in the Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group, covering the main lines of the group's research and teaching programme: (1) hydrometeorology; (2) catchment hydrology; (3) hydrogeology; (4) environmental fluid mechanics. The presentation will provide several examples of the relevance of research results for current environmental and societal issues, including floods, droughts, heat waves, and river restoration.

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Monday, December 10, 2012 - 10:30am