Connecting science and education through the GLOBE Program

The GLOBE Program is an international science and education program that connects scientists, teachers, and students in over 110 countries around the world on issues related to Earth System Science.  Science teams, comprised of scientists from various facets of Earth System Science, developed the program’s core science protocols to ensure scientific accuracy of student-collected data.  Scientists and students use the data collected by GLOBE students following these protocols in their research projects.  GLOBE recently initiated a focus on climate science, as well as launched a new technological infrastructure that includes a new website, database, and online collaboration tools intended to provide new opportunities to increase scientist participation in the program.

To better facilitate scientist involvement in GLOBE, The GLOBE International Scientist Network (GISN) was also developed.  This network aims to connect scientists, teachers, and students around the world to promote Earth System Science.  It provides a venue for scientists seeking to engage in education to connect with schools willing to collaborate, as well as to connect with one another.  This presentation will provide an overview of The GLOBE Program and the GISN, including how to get involved in the program and a few examples of how scientists in the network are working with GLOBE.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 - 11:00am