HAO Colloquium Series presents Don Schmit

Diagnosing the Prominence-Cavity ConnectionThe solar corona is permeated by non-potential magnetic fields. Prominences are a structural manifestation of that magnetic field. In this work, we diagnose the magnetic and energetic connection between prominences and the rarefied coronal regions which surround them, cavities. Using high-time cadence, spectral imagery from the SDO/AIA instrument, we show that correlated dynamics link the prominence and the nearby corona. These dynamics are compared to the predicted emission signature of a catastrophic cooling model of prominence formation. We find that while the cooling model fits the dynamic observations, it cannot explain why the static cavity is density depleted. To address this disparity, we use a model of the threedimensional prominence magnetic field to consider the role projection plays in our analysis of the optically thin corona. Based on a flux-rope geometry, the prominence dynamics specifically occur along a magnetic boundary region which comprises a small fraction of the flux-rope volume. The cavity structure occurs over a larger-volumetric region in the flux-rope interior. Our results indicate that the cavity and prominence cannot occur along identical magnetic field lines, although they may still be related through a single magnetic structure.

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CG1-1210 South Auditorium
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012 - 1:30pm