Tales and Experiences from a Meteorological Journey through the Solar System

Talk by Scot Rafkin, Southwest Research Institute

Mars is a gateway planet.  One minute you’re a typical, fanatical, passionate meteorologist with your head in the Earth’s clouds.  Then you experiment a little bit with Mars weather.  Suddenly you’re a Martian.  Shortly thereafter, you’re sucked into the toxic, dense atmosphere of Venus, and flung off to the 40 km deep methane storms of Titan, bizarrely juxtaposed against gentle, cryogenic methane lake breezes.   Before you know it, you’re at Pluto.  Eventually, you grow homesick, and the fascination and allure of the weather and climate of your home planet pulls you back down to Earth.  This has been my journey, and these are its tales:  How it began, the meteorology of extraterrestrial worlds, the people I encountered, and the experiences and lessons that have driven my professional growth.  This journey has shaped who I am and provides a foundation for my management and leadership ethos.  In addition to science highlights that reflect the comparative meteorology of Earth and other planets, the stories and vignettes I will relay reflect the themes of communication, respect, trust, team building, opportunity, and the importance of a diversity of people, ideas, and science.


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1022. Also webcasted at ML-Main Seminar
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Wednesday, December 6, 2017 - 9:00am to 10:00am