RAL/MMM Seminar - Alberto Martilli - CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain

Date:          August 13, 2014Time:          3:30pmPlace:          FL 2 – Room 1001Title:        Modeling the interactions between the urban structure and the atmosphereAbstract: The presence of an urban area modifies the thermodynamic of the atmosphere and its composition. Buildings slow down the wind and trap radiation, and the anthropogenic activities that take place in the city generate heat and pollution. A good comprehension of the complex interactions between these effects is essential to evaluate the impact of the urban atmosphere on citizens, and to plan mitigation strategies.Since the beginning of the 2000s, I focus my work on the improvements of the representation of the impact of urban areas in mesoscale models by: (1) linking them to building energy models to evaluate anthropogenic heat emissions and building energy consumption, and (2) by using microscale CFD models to improve the estimate of the drag induced by the buildings. I will briefly describe this work, and then I will present several studies with WRF (where the urban schemes have been implemented) over different cities (Houston, Madrid, and Phoenix). Finally, to illustrate the potential of the model, I will present an idealized study of the interactions between urban structure, thermal comfort, building energy consumption and air quality. This seminar will be Webcast - Webcast link http://www.fin.ucar.edu/it/mms/fl2-live.htm

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August 8, 2014 to August 13, 2014