Google Apps survey results and support options

Dear Staff,

Thank you to everyone who responded to the the Google User Adoption survey.  We appreciate your feedback and suggestions.  We heard from some folks that they would like to learn more about Google Apps but didn’t have time during the launch weeks - here are 4 great support options:

  • Synergyse Interactive On-line Help - Synergyse is an interactive audio and visual training system for Google Apps with short (20 seconds - 2 minutes), helpful, user-friendly, guided interactive videos by topic.  You can learn at your own pace and it will keep you up to date with the latest Google Apps features.  Here is the link to the installation instructions.

  • On-Demand Training Videos - On our support site you can choose between self-paced beginner to advanced full-length course videos (30-60 min.) and specific topic segmented training videos (2-10 min.).  Topics range from an Introduction to Gmail to How to Create Repeating Events in Calendar.  

  • UCAR’s Google Support Site - Our site includes helpful resources such as self-paced full length and segmented training videos, tips & tricks, and helpful FAQs.    


The Google Apps Change Management Team

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July 2, 2014 to July 11, 2014