Welcome to Google Apps!

Dear Staff,

Welcome to Google Apps!  You are now live in Google Mail, Calendar and Drive!  The data migration went really well; while never 100% perfect, our tests show that our email and calendars are in great shape.  To celebrate and take a Google break, please visit any of cafeterias today for free coffee and snacks from 9-10:30 a.m., and register for the drawing for a Google water bottle!  Be sure to set aside some time today and over the next few days to get comfortable in your new Google environment.   

Try some of the following steps to get your account set up:  

  • Enable labs in Gmail (here is the list of recommended labs from the training, we highly recommend undo send and right hand change.)

  • Check out your label structure and modify it if you like, also consider adding colors

  • Create a personalized signature

  • Invite colleagues to chat

  • Create filters

  • Explore themes

  • Set up your Calendar preferences

  • Try creating, uploading, and sharing Google Docs

  • Check out Meetings+, our new system for requesting events services

Here are some things you may notice about the migrated data:

  • System Notification Emails - you can delete any one-time automated system notification emails from resourceadmin@ucar.edu notifying you of calendars in which you have shared permissions and other system messages.

  • Recurring Meetings in Series  - when migrating recurring meeting series, a few declined or moved meetings may have been recreated automatically, please take a few minutes to review your meeting series and delete, decline or move meetings as necessary.   

  • Name Suggestions - while sending emails or inviting colleages in Calendar  you may see multiple name suggestions for the same person ending in “@ucar.edu”, “@gapps.ucar.edu” or “@labprogname.ucar.edu”.  Any of these addresses will work and over time we will be reorganizing the domain so that the directory is simplified and uses only “@ucar.edu”.  

  • A Few Missing or Duplicate Emails or Calendar Events - after a major migration a few missing or duplicate items are to be expected, please take a few moments to recreate or delete them.  If a large number of events or emails are missing, contact your Google Apps Technical Point of Contact.   


As you explore your new Google environment, follow these guidelines to make sure you have what you expect in your Gmail:

  • Verify that your Google mailbox contains the messages that were in your primary mail file prior to the migration.

  • Check to see that messages reside in the Gmail Labels that correspond to the appropriate Folders from your previous email system.

  • Import your personal contacts and groups into Google Apps. Visit the Support Site for instructions on how to Import Contacts.



For questions check out all the videos, guides, and support options at the User Support Site!   


The Google Apps Project Team

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June 9, 2014 to June 10, 2014