Google Apps Go-Live: Day 1 Instructions for Monday June 9

It’s time, Google Apps Global Go-Live launch date is this Monday,  June 9! Beginning Friday, June 6 at 3:00 pm and over the weekend the project team will migrate a copy of your individual email account contents and Meeting Maker calendar into your new Google Apps Gmail and Calendar account.  IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR EMAIL AND CALENDAR USE OVER THIS WEEKEND:  (Friday, June 6, 3:00pm to Monday, June 9, 5:00 am)

  • You may continue to send and receive email over the weekend but do not file your emails or modify your email folders as these changes WILL NOT be in your Gmail account Monday morning.  
  • Do not modify Meeting Maker over the weekend, these changes WILL NOT be in your Google Calendar Monday morning.  

 Below is some important information to get you started in Google on your first day: 1. Change Your UCAS Password  any time after 5:00 a.m. Monday morning (Early Adopters don’t have to change their passwords)a. Go to from your computer or mobile device and use the form to change your UCAS Passwordi.    NOTE: NESL/ACD users please check with your system administratorb.  If you use a command line host on your computer,  go to for instructions, orc.   If you need help, contact your local system administrators for assistance. 2. Log In To Google AppsTo go directly into your Google email account, click on the following link and log in: a.            Enter your email address (“yourusername”            Password = your new UCAS password 3. Google Mail & Calendar Setup ChecklistClick the following link for the Google Mail & Calendar Setup Checklist at

and follow the next steps  to setup your new mail and calendar account.

 4. Import your Personal ContactsClick on this link for instructions on how to Import Contacts. 5. Set Up your Mobile DeviceMost mobile devices will sync with Google Apps.  Device specific instructions can be found on the UCAR Google Support Site on Day 1 in your new Google account. Apple iOS Devices - Android Devices - Devices - Take some time to get acquainted with your new toolsCheck out your email labels (formerly folders), permissions and new calendar and give yourself time to experiment and explore.  If you have questions about about how to do something in Google Apps check out the User Support Site or contact your Google Coach.  Check with your Google Apps Technical Point of Contact if you have any questions about these Day One Instructions.   Cheers, The Google Apps Change Management Team

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June 9, 2014 to June 13, 2014