Google Calendar: Important news about Meeting Maker migrations

We are on track to migrate Meeting Maker calendars to Google Calendar on June 9. We want to share with you an important change related to historical calendar data and some details on what to expect in the migration.After reviewing migration testing results and advice from Tempus Nova, we have decided to migrate 12 months of history and 3 years of future events from Meeting Maker into Google, instead of the original plan to migrate all events from January 2010 forward.     Based on this revised migration strategy, we are planning to complete and test the migration over this weekend and achieve a high level of data quality for migrated calendar events for Go-Live Monday morning.  Next week we will provide you with instructions on how to export and save a copy of your entire Meeting Maker calendar in a searchable format if you would like to keep a copy of your historical events for your records.  Meeting Maker will remain online for the next three months to provide ample time to review and export historical events.The following are some key points about Google Calendar migration:  Meeting Maker Data that WILL migrate to Google:

  • Migrated calendar events will include title, location, date, time, duration, recurring pattern, agenda/description, attendees, attendee status, and privacy options
  • All events 12 months in the past and three years in the future
  • Banners will migrate as “All Day Events” and look like banners
  • CC’d invitees will migrate as “Optional Guests”
  • Read and Read/Write proxies will migrate as “Shared Permissions”
  • Room reservations and room calendars will migrate populated with current reserved events and will be available for additional reservations
  • Team/Project calendars in MM will be migrated with shared permissions
  • Any spaces in a MM calendar name will be converted to dashes “-”

Meeting Maker Data that WILL NOT migrate to Google:

  • Personalized labels, e.g. colors
  • Meeting Maker Reminder settings
  • To Do Lists
  • “Groups” in Meeting Maker (Contact your System Administration Team to create aliases in People Dbase.  These will replicate into Google Groups and can be invited to Events in Calendar.)

 Please keep in mind that Calendar migrations are never perfect.  You may need to recreate missing events and delete duplicate events. You may also experience some issues with recurring events that have exceptions or non-standard recurrence patterns.  Check out the User Support Site at for more information and helpful hints. Here is the direct link to the page we will keep updated with information on Meeting Maker data migration: 

Thank you for your continued support of Google Apps!  Cheers,The Google Apps Project Team

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June 6, 2014 to June 9, 2014