All Staff: Please Complete IT Assessment Survey Coming to Inboxes Today

The President’s Council/Operations group has contracted with Deloitte Consulting to conduct an independent assessment of our enterprise IT services and business applications.The IT Assessment, conducted over the next 12-14 weeks, will tell us if there are better and more efficient ways to deliver business systems, business processes, and enterprise IT services.  The assessment is limited to our business operations and does not include science support-focused IT services.   Staff SurveyAs part of the IT Assessment, Deloitte will be conducting data gathering via individual and group interviews as well as an all-staff IT effectiveness survey.  The survey will help us understand customer satisfaction, areas for improvement, and areas where we’re doing really well.  Please look for this survey in your email inbox today (May 8) and take a few minutes to complete it.  Your responses are completely confidential.  We welcome your feedback and comments as we complete the IT Assessment.About the IT AssessmentThrough this effort, we expect to: 


·       Modernize - Drive modernization and innovation in IT infrastructure and business systems

·       Achieve Efficiency - Identify and implement ways to achieve greater cost efficiency

·       Manage Costs - Focus constrained resources on high priority IT activities and systems

·       Improve Reliability - Improve overall reliability of IT services throughout the organization

·       Foster Collaboration - Enhance organization-wide collaboration capabilities with enhanced technology

·       Benchmark - Better understand how our services and systems compare to similar organizations

The results of the assessment will be evaluated by the President’s Council/Strategy group and will help inform decision-making and develop a road map for strategic investments in enterprise IT.   For additional background and up-to-date information on the project, see  Watch for more information about a forum for us to share the results of the assessment. 






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May 8, 2014 to May 15, 2014