About Google Apps and Export Controlled and Sensitive Personal Data

Export Controlled Technical Data Google's terms and conditions strictly prohibit using Gmail, Google Drive, and any Google Apps for Government for emailing, sharing, transferring or storing Export Controlled Technical Data (ECTD).  ECTD must be handled in accordance with U.S. export control laws and regulations at all times.  Researchers and others handling ECTD must take reasonable measures to prevent the disclosure, use, and access of export controlled technical data by unauthorized, unlicensed foreign persons.

Sensitive Personal Information

UCAR Policy 6-2 Sensitive Personal Information requires each UCAR employee to exercise reasonable and prudent efforts to safeguard the privacy, confidentiality and security of the sensitive personal information of our employees. 

Because there is some increased risk that any sensitive personal information sent via email (including Google Mail)  may be intercepted by unauthorized third parties, it is recommended that employees do not ever email sensitive personal information unless: (1) the individual whose information is being emailed acknowledges prior to the transfer of information that they understand and accept the disclosure risks inherent in email transmissions over an open network and/or the security limits of encryption, or (2) the email is encrypted to ensure the privacy and security of the information within the security limits of encryption.

Questions regarding ECTD:

Contact your Export Compliance Coordinator and visit the UCAR Export Compliance (http://www2.fin.ucar.edu/ogc/export-compliance) website.  

Questions regarding Sensitive Personal Information:

Refer to  UCAR Policy 6-2 Employee Personal Records


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