UCARLive is Here!

Can't make it across town in time for the seminar you want to attend?  Have a colleague who would be interested in an upcoming talk at UCAR but they're miles away?   Have no fear; UCARLive is here!  

UCARLive, on the UCARConnect Website, provides access to live broadcasts that occur in any of the five specified broadcast rooms at UCAR/NCAR: the Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room (Room 1), Foothills 2 Room 1001 (Room 2), Foothills 2 Auditorium in Room 1022 (Room 3), Center Green's Auditorium (Room 4), and Room 2126 in Center Green (Room 5).  All you have to do is click on the appropriate room number on the UCARLive player for the seminar you seek, and it's there virtually at the time scheduled. 

"What about attendance conflicts with seminars or presentations?" you ask.  Select featured broadcasts from UCARLive will also be archived on the UCARConnect YouTube Channel and/or off the site's Multimedia Webcast page.  We'll be working to archive many presentations in the months ahead.

So next time you want to attend a presentation and you just can't make it across town, do so virtually via UCARLive by clicking on the approprite room for the particular seminar you seek.  As UCAR rolls out Google Government, more discoverability options of broadcasts will also be made available via Google Calendar. Also, no need to log in to the UCARLive site; UCAR-broadcasted seminars are available to anyone who visits the Website.

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Announcement Timing: 
April 30, 2014 to May 2, 2014