ASP Seminar - Visualization of the weather-climate connection

The ASP seminar series continues Monday, May 5th 2014, with Prof. Brian Mapes from RSMAS - University of Miami.The seminar will be at the Mesa Lab, Main Seminar Room at 11:00 a.m.Abstract:Data visualization is an appealing and fun craft. If done well, it can support realism in scientific reasoning, for example by layering the texture of weather and useful indicators of uncertainty (such as an ensemble of different data products) onto the smooth abstractions of climate statistics. These days, large time-aggregated archives of many reanalysis and satellite-observational datasets are available via OpenDAP. UCAR/Unidata’s free Integrated Data Viewer (IDV) and related softwares are in good shape to take advantage of these, obviating the need for downloading and organizing dataset collections. There is just the small matter of software complexity to contend with. I will show a few pretty (and scientific) results, and describe my efforts to salvage lasting value from much obsessive toil behind the scenes by assembling a newbie-friendly self-updating IDV Plugin, pointing to an ever-improving Web-hosted collection of templates and other user resources. I am trying to make it easier to gain the IDV’s great strength — rich, multi-source data integrations — for myself and my students, and for others.

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April 28, 2014 to May 3, 2014