Happy Earth Day! How You Helped Make It That Way...

At UCAR and NCAR every day is an opportunity to better understand the Earth’s atmosphere and related physical, biological and social systems.

Today, nationally recognized as Earth Day, is a time to acknowledge the importance of the work done here at NCAR and UCAR, and it is a time to celebrate the cumulative results of a daily commitment by staff to make our impact on the Earth’s systems as positive as possible.

 Here are some highlights from our collective efforts:

  • The waste diversion rate at UCAR and NCAR has reached an impressive 65%, which means that hundreds of thousands of pounds of recyclable and compostable materials have been saved from the landfill. By simply throwing away your waste in the correct bin you have helped to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve soil quality, and you have helped to set an example for how businesses across the city, state, and nation can achieve higher diversion rates. Don’t know where to throw? Find out!

  • To date, 469 employees have signed up to utilize the UCAR paid B-cycle memberships. These memberships provide all UCAR and NCAR employees with access to bikes all over Boulder, Denver and beyond. By registering for and using your free B-cycle membership you are helping to accomplish the goal of saving almost 18,000 gallons of gasoline and 170 tons of carbon emissions. Learn more about how to join the fun!

  • In 2013 over 5,000 pounds of used electronics from UCAR and NCAR were donated to schools along the Front Range. Not only were these electronics diverted from the landfill, but they were used to provide students with some of the tools necessary to succeed. Here is a quote from a local school principal about this valuable program: "We want to be sure that all students can participate whether or not they can afford to purchase a device.  That is where the donations from UCAR really help.  We take the devices we get from UCAR and use them to provide refurbished devices to students who can not afford them.  It is a big deal to students and their families."

Congratulations on being part of these significant efforts and we look forward to supporting your continued excellent stewardship. 

Happy Earth Day!

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April 22, 2014