AtmosNews: Atmospheric impacts of nuclear war; the winter of 2013–14 in review

Regional nuclear war would have global reach
Scientists for several decades have studied the potential environmental impacts of a nuclear conflict. Now a research team led by NCAR has produced an unusually detailed picture of the aftermath of a hypothetical regional nuclear war—with atmospheric effects more severe than previously thought—by using a modeling approach that includes simulations of atmospheric chemistry, the oceans, land surface, and sea ice. more>

It was so cold! (How cold was it?)
How does the U.S. winter of 2013–14 rank against its predecessors? And was it a harbinger of more cold winters to come for parts of the country, or simply an outlier at a time of largely warming winters? Check out a new NESL/CISL visualization of the multiple cold blasts that struck eastern North America. more>

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March 6, 2014 to March 14, 2014