Looking to give back by inspiring the next generation of scientists?

CISL is looking for scientists or engineers willing to help out at the Wyoming State Science Fair in Laramie, Wyoming on March 3, 2014. We need help in two areas: judging student projects and staffing the NCAR booth at the one-day event. This is the third year that CISL and Wyoming has participated in WSSF. We give young scientists awards in two categories: best computer science/math project and best geoscience project. Scientists or engineers with a strong interest in K-12 education are urged to participate.

The logistical information of this event is:

  • Location: Laramie, Wyoming
  • Event dates: March 3, 2014, with March 2nd arrival/overnight recommended
  • Judging and student interaction: Monday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM
  • CISL has awards in computer science/math and geoscience for high/low levels
  • CISL will provide travel funds and hotel accommodations.
  • Contact Kristin Mooney (Kristin@ucar.edu) or Rich Loft (loft@ucar.edu) if you are interested.

For further information about the event, see the following URL:


This has been a very rewarding experience for those who have helped out in the past. Seeing the incredibly advanced work some students are doing with limited resources, you will find yourself inspired as well.

Will this event be webcast to the public by NCAR|UCAR?: 
Announcement Timing: 
January 27, 2014 to February 7, 2014