Parking on UCAR/NCAR/UCP property

This announcement serves as a reminder regarding parking on UCAR/NCAR/UCP properties.

Mesa and Foothills Lab Front Drive Accessibility

Front drive (area directly in front of the building) accessibility is limited to official UCAR vehicles at the Mesa Lab and Foothills Lab.

  • All shipping and receiving deliveries occur at the receiving docks only.
  • Material loading and unloading is not permitted through the front doors.

Handicap Access at Mesa Lab

Front door/drive handicap access is available at the Mesa Lab with pre-approval. Contact UCAR security at 303-497-1139 for pre-approval. 24 hour notice is required. Additional handicap parking spaces are identified, designated and accessible at all times in all parking lots. No pre-approval is necessary for parking in handicap parking spaces.

Parking Lots

Employees and visitors park at their "own risk" in UCAR parking lots. Users are expected to obey parking rules. Violators may have their vehicles towed and may be banned from UCAR parking lots. Random, unannounced patrols are conducted at UCAR parking lots. Parking issues, incidents and accidents are referred to local police authorities for resolution. For more information, visit our Personal Vehicles at UCAR page.

Overnight and Short-Term Parking

Employees on UCAR business-related travel may park/leave their vehicles in UCAR parking for up to two weeks providing it does not interfere with normal or emergency operations. Please contact security at x-1139 with vehicle information, reason for and duration of parking needs.

  • Parking for business purposes will be allowed up to 2 weeks. No long term parking or storage is permitted.
  • The employee is solely responsible for any damage that may occur. UCAR is not responsible for protecting any vehicles in our parking lots.
  • The employee is responsible for moving their vehicle in the event of an emergency such as maintenance work, construction or snow removal. Failure to move a vehicle in a timely manner (within 60 minutes) will result in the vehicle being towed and stored off-site at the owner's expense.
  • Vehicles' left for more than two weeks will be towed and stored at an off-site facility at the owners expense.
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January 20, 2014 to January 31, 2014