Call for NCAR Strategic Capability proposals for Yellowstone: Deadline Feb 18

NCAR computational scientists are encouraged to submit requests for the next round of NCAR Strategic Capability (NSC) projects to run on the Yellowstone system at NWSC. The deadline for submissions is February 18, 2014, for projects to begin a 12-month computing effort on May 1, 2014. An estimated 100 million core-hours will be available for NSC projects.

See the NSC allocations documentation at for more information and how to apply.

NSC project allocations target large-scale projects lasting one year to a few years (but not indefinitely long) that align with NCAR’s scientific priorities and strategic plans. The NCAR Executive Committee (EC) approves a set of NSC projects for the coming 12-month period each year. NSC projects requiring more than one year’s allocation must submit continuation requests each year to report progress toward the project’s objectives.

Because of the competitive nature of these allocations, labs may have chosen to coordinate submissions from each lab. Potential applicants are encouraged to contact their lab's or division's allocation representative prior to submitting a request.

Please send any questions to

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January 9, 2014 to January 24, 2014