December 6 President's Council Summary Notes

Present:  Tom Bogdan, Jim Hurrell, Katy Schmoll, Hanne Mauriello

 Present for # 1: Delaine Orendorff and Bob Roesch

 Present for #2:  Aaron Andersen, Anke Kamrath, Scott Rayder, and Shawn Winkelman

 1.  UCAR Member Surveys.

 Delaine Orendorff and Bob Roesch reviewed the pros and cons of UCAR continuing to administer the annual salary surveys which include member university faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and the graduate research associates (GRA).  The President’s Council agreed to recommend to the Board of Trustees and PACUR that UCAR discontinue administering the member university faculty salary survey.  If this survey is deemed of high importance, UCAR will engage a third party vendor and charge the universities an appropriate fee to cover the costs.

 2.  ITC Strategic Planning Update. 

 Aaron Andersen, Anke Kamrath, and Shawn Winkelman reviewed the background, goals, progress to date, feedback and concerns received from IT working groups.  They also discussed the organizational drivers behind the development of a comprehensive, long-range strategy to deliver enterprise IT services.  These drivers include:

 -  Linking the IT strategy directly with the organizational strategy.

-  Modernizing the IT infrastructure and services to support the successful 2017-2018 bid for the management of NCAR.

-  Identifying and implementing the means to achieve greater cost efficiency.

-  Defining a value-driven approach to governing strategic IT investments.

-  Improving overall reliability of IT services throughout the organization.   

 In order to move forward, a revised ITC governance model and decision making framework was presented and discussed.  The President’s Council and other designated IT staff will meet again in the January-February timeframe to brainstorm further and discuss next steps. 

The President’s Council adjourned at 11:30am. 

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December 31, 2013 to January 17, 2014