IMPORTANT! Financial Interest Disclosure Changes

Due to changes in Public Health Service (PHS) regulations as they pertain to Financial Interest Disclosures, UCAR has revised the Financial Disclosure Policy 2-4, Procedures, and Guidelines. The Significant Financial Interests (SFI) Disclosure Form has also been updated to meet these new requirements. Several key changes to the process are noted below and are effective immediately:

  • The SFI Disclosure Form for proposals to PHS Agencies (i.e. NIH and CDC) and NSF, including those for passthrough funding, must be received PRIOR to proposal approval by the NCAR or UCP Budget Office and proposal submission. The completed SFI Disclosure Forms should be submitted to the entity budget offices.
  • For all other proposals requesting federal funding, the SFI Disclosure Form will NOT be required until award acceptance. At point of award, the completed SFI Disclosure Form will be submitted directly to the Contracts office (, rather than through the entity budget offices.
  • SFI Disclosure Forms will NO LONGER BE REQUIRED for proposals requesting non-federal funding unless required by a sponsor.
  • Roles and responsibilities for management of this process have been also been clarified in the revised procedures and guidelines.
  • The PandA Development Team is considering a solution for how Disclosure of SFI could be managed within the system while ensuring confidentiality of personal financial information. Until a solution is found and the system is updated, the submission process will follow the guidance in these revised procedures.
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December 23, 2013 to December 30, 2013