A Last Call for FY13 Metrics and a winter storm extension to Friday!

With the forecast of the winter storm this week we've extended the deadline for the entry of FY13 metrics to Friday, December 6th to give you a few more days to get your data into the database so that it will be counted in the FY13 Annual Reports.  The latest greatest version of the Metrics Database is up and ready for data entry at https://www.ncar.ucar.edu/internal/metrics/ .

David Vance has programmed a lot of terrific improvements into the latest version that will save you time, effort and data entry.  If you weren’t able to make one of our roll out presentations in October we've created a link from the Metric Database Help Page to give you a tour of the new features and the OpenSky process: 

Here's a link to the ReadyTalk recording of the Metrics Database and OpenSky for FY13 presentation (view of the screen and audio) at https://www.ncar.ucar.edu/internal/metrics/presentation2013/ .  You can use the scroll bar in the ReadyTalk window to pick the slide or point in the presentation you want to learn more about and skip straight to that screen and audio!   If you’d like a copy of the presentation ppt. document it is available at  https://ncar.ucar.edu/sites/default/files/Metrics%20Dbase%20and%20OpenSky%20Roll%20Meeting%2010-30-13.pptx  

The Metrics Database is open all year so please feel free to enter your metrics in real time.  Tom shares these numbers everytime he visits our member universities so current data gives him specific examples of recent collaborations and contributions. 

Please work with your Metrics Mavens (https://ncar.ucar.edu/directorate/metrics-help ) to enter your staff and program metrics for FY13 NCAR Annual Report reporting in the database by close of business Friday, Dec. 6th.  

Contact me at moshak@ucar.edu or Cindy Worster at cmw@ucar.edu if you have any questions or ideas for future enhancements.


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