UCAR wiki powered by Confluence upgrade coming

The Web Engineering Group (WEG) plans to upgrade the UCAR wiki powered by Confluence to the latest version on Monday December 9th. The upgrade addresses security concerns and introduces new changes that are particularly noticed in the layout and newly introduced navigation sidebar and editor. Due to the new changes and upgrades, staff are encouraged to read about them prior to the upgrade at: https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/wegconfann/Confluence+Announcements.

UPDATE: A test wiki site is now available to check the conversion of your wiki pages. Please see the above Confluence Announcements link for further details. There are no anticipated changes in connectivity to the wiki once the upgrade is complete. If there are any concerns regarding the upgrade, please send them to webmaster@ucar.edu. For notification of Confluence maintenance and upgrades, please subscribe to the Notifier service for the WEG Confluence Wiki at: https://notifier.ucar.edu/notifier/login. Announcements and other information will also be made available at the Confluence Announcements wiki: https://wiki.ucar.edu/display/wegconfann/Confluence+Announcements. Thank you for your continued interest and support as we upgrade this service.

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Announcement Timing: 
November 14, 2013 to November 30, 2013